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The Bathroom Café

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Our Bathrooms

Top notch coffee, but even more amazing bathrooms

From design to cleanliness our bathrooms scream "Wow" from every angle. Right when you step in you will be shocked that bathrooms can even get this nice. Grab a drink, relax, and use a beautiful bathroom in peace .

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Cleaning Standards

Twice/hour — Deep Clean

What We Do

Twice every hour we performa a deep clean on all of our bathrooms. It's done quick enough that there isn't back-ups, but done slow enough that the clean is great — just perfect. We use industrial grade cleaning products to ensure that our washrooms are shining all day. 

Morning Clean

What We Do

On top of our extensive cleans throughout the day, we also start the day fresh with all of our bathrooms looking spotless. They are cleaned from head to toe in the morning and the awesome amenities are restocked, allowing us to kickstart a fresh day.