Black Squirrel Books Bathroom, Ottawa

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

2.8/5 Stars

Design: This bathroom is pretty dingy. The stalls and grey and walls are grey as well. There is a full sized mirror over the sinks but it isn't very clean. The paint on the inside of the sink is all chipped off and looks like it could date back to the 1900's. They did add a couple touches of niceness to the bathroom with wooden cabinets to store cleaning supplies above the urinals. There's brown tiles for the floor. There is a painting on the wall. On the door there's a very small nice sign that says, "this one has urinals".

Cleanliness: The bathroom feels a little dirty mostly because it seems quite old and not much effort has gone into restoring it.

Stock: There is toilet paper but no extras. The soap dispenser looks pretty old and dirty, no extra soap. There is extra paper towel.

Size: This is a moderately sized bathroom, one stall and two urinals.