PHOTO:Lars Grimsby

Location: near the town of Gildeskål

Norwegian Public Roads Administration opened Ureddplassen. This public bathroom is located along the Norwegian Scenic Route, Helgelandskysten. This bathroom includes some viewing benches made out of marble from the town of Fauske viewing the open sea.  This installation cost a whopping $2 million. If your going to Norway and are near the town of Gildeskål and need to go to the bathroom, hold out for this one. 

PHOTO:Scott Cramer

Location: Minturn, Colorado

This bathroom was voted Best Bathroom in America in 2015. This bathroom was built to resemble the passageway into a mine, because Minturn is a former mining town. Both restrooms are made out of fabricated wood. The inside of the women's room is painted greenish blue. The interior of the men's room is copper. On the ceilings of both the men's and women's rooms, there are steel butterflies. The odd shape choice for these bathrooms make them truly unique. 

Location: John Michael Kohler Arts Centre in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

This is a beautiful bathroom. This is the mens's bathroom in the east wing of the centre (all bathrooms in there are amazing). You can see the time and effort spent on designing this awesome bathroom. The blue and white tiled walls, intricate designs as well as the art, make this bathroom luxurious. 

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