Alice's tea Cup, Chapter 3 Bathroom NYC - 220 E 81st

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

3.8/5 Stars

Design: This is a very homey bathroom. It has pictures on the wall of unknown people. There is a nice old wooden table for you to put your stuff on while you do your business, or it can be used as a baby changing zone. The mirror is lined with again, old wood, which helps bring together the homey vibe. I like the black and white hexagon tiled floor and the yellow walls.

Cleanliness: This is a very clean bathroom. It's the cleanliness you would expect to see in an average home. It isn't messy.

Stock: There's a high quality hand dryer that actually works instead of those old ones that somehow manage to make your hands more wet. There is one roll of toilet paper but no visible extras. Same thing goes for the soap.

Size: Nicely sized one person bathroom.