Aroma Espresso Bar Bathroom - 200 Marché Way #109, Ottawa, ON

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

1.8/5 Stars - CLOSED

Design: Aroma has a very simple bathroom. The bottom half of the walls are black rectangular tiles and the top half is white wall. The floor is concrete. The small sink counter top is black with metallic highlights. The mirror has a metal outline. This bathroom has a metal garbage can. Under the sink there is some used paper towel in a milk cartoon.

Cleanliness: Aroma's bathroom isn't extremely dirty but it doesn't feel very clean either. The mirror is very dirty and there was some toilet paper on the ground. The garage can was almost overflowing.

Stock: At the time of reviewing there was NO toilet paper; this was in the morning so you would think that they restock at night. Every couple minutes I would see someone walk into the bathroom with no toilet paper, then walk out and go to the other bathroom a minute later. The part of the toilet where you flush was missing, so there was a sign to tell you what to press to flush. There was a small amount of soap left in the dispenser. This bathroom has a good hand dryer. In the other bathroom there is a baby changing table.

Size: This is medium-large one person bathroom. There are 2 bathrooms in the restaurant.