Art-Is-In Bakery Bathroom - 250 City Centre Ave #112, Ottawa, ON


Design: The bottom half of the walls are small black rectangle tiles. The top half of the walls are a mix of red and white. The floor in the whole bathroom is grey. The sink is modern and clean looking. The mirror isn't too special, it has a metal frame. This bathroom has an individual stall for the urinal. On the wall they have a bulletin board saying that they aim to check their bathrooms every hour, and that they encourage you to tell them if their bathroom isn't clean.

Cleanliness: This bathroom is very clean; I think the bulletin board helps them keep it clean.

Stock: At the time of reviewing, there were 2 toilet paper rolls in the stall. There is one metal soap dispenser. This bathroom has a baby changing table.

Size: There is one large stall and another stall with just a urinal.