Belmont Bathroom - 1169 Bank St, Ottawa

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

4.0/5 Stars

Design: This a very nice simple bathroom. Half the wall is white tiled and the other half is a nice brown. This bathroom has some rustic features. The toilet paper holder is a old pipe. On the wall there is a thick slab of wood to act as a shelf for extra toilet paper. behind that shelf mounted on the wall are old barn tools. This bathroom has a very big mirror. The sink has a simple clean look with a modern metal faucet. Underneath the sink are drawers.

Cleanliness: Belmont's bathroom is very clean. It seems to be cleaned regularly.

Stock: This bathroom has the biggest stock I have ever seen in any bathroom. 19 extra stacks of paper towel (some on the shelf and some in a nice wooden carrying thing), and 19 extra toilet paper rolls.

Size: In this restaurant there are 2 bathrooms and both of them are a good size (this one being slightly bigger than the other).