Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne Bathroom - Landsdowne, Ottawa

3.8/5 Stars

Design: This is a pretty nice bathroom. The floor is black tiles and the wall is a mix between black and white. The counter is speckled black stone. There are individual mirrors for each sink. On the wall behind the sinks there are nice little wall mounted lights. That wall behind the sink is nice green/yellow small tiles, a splash of colour is nice to see in bathrooms. The sinks are built into the counter and the faucets are automatic.

Cleanliness: This is a very clean. The inside of the stalls are quite clean as well.

Stock: Each stall contains one big roll of toilet paper in a dispenser. This bathroom is well stocked with soap.

Size: This is medium-large bathroom. 6 urinals and 5 stalls.