Craft Beer Market Bathroom - Landsdowne Park, Ottawa

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

4.1/5 Stars mens bathroom

Design: I very much enjoyed this bathroom. The design is simple and elegant. The sinks are square and white, with silver faucets. There is one spotless mirror per sink with a wooden frame. The walls are made out of modern white tiles. The urinals are divided by wooden barriers. The garbage can is a big beer keg. The stall is a very nice feel. Both side walls go from floor to ceiling. The door is wooden with a modern metal handle. A second stall has a baby changing area.

Cleanliness: This bathroom is basically as clean as they get. It's shining.

Stock: In the stalls their are two toilet paper rolls in use and one extra resting on a ledge. Two hand dryers and a small soap dispenser for each sink.

Size: This bathroom has 6 urinals, 2 stalls and 4 sinks.