Industria Pizzeria Bathroom Ottawa - Lansdowne Park

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

3.8/5 Stars

Design: The bathroom walls are bright red. There's a nice wooden ledge beside the white sinks for the paper towel dispenser to rest on, as well as a scent box. I enjoy the stall design. The side wall in the stalls go from floor to ceiling to create more privacy. No art in the bathroom.

Cleanliness: Very clean and shiny.

Stock: Two rolls of toilet paper in the stalls. Soap but no extra. There's a nice looking paper towel dispenser.

Size: This bathroom includes two stalls, a good hand dryer, paper towel, one urinal and two sinks. It's always nice when bathrooms give you the choice between paper towel and hand drying.


Paper towel dispenser