Oat Couture Bathroom - 1154 Bank St, Ottawa

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

4.5/5 Stars

Design: Oat Couture's bathroom combines rustic and modern elements to create a clean look. This bathroom has incorporated a lot of wood into the design which I think looks great. The whole main wall is rustic looking wood. The other walls are grey. There is a big simple mirror running along the wall with lights coming from the top and bottom. There is a wooden ledge for extra toilet paper and a paper towel dispenser. There's a simple white toilet with a metal flushing handle and a bar to hold above it. The sink is simple and white as well with a modern faucet.

Cleanliness: This bathroom is as clean as they get.

Stock: There was one extra toilet paper roll at the time of reviewing. The simple paper towel dispenser has a very smooth feel when taking paper towel. There is one tall soap dispenser.

Size: Small-medium but comfortable.

FUN FACT: Oat Couture's bathroom was a vaulted safe for the Bank of Ottawa in the 1920s! They took the safe door and made it their barista countertop and transformed the safe into the bathroom!