Pure Kitchen Bathroom - 340 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON

2.4/5 Stars

Design: In the stall one of the walls is green tile and in the rest of the bathroom, the walls are white square tiles. The floor is brown tile. There's a metal sink and overtop of that is a rectangular mirror. There's a little wall in-between the sink area and the urinal. This bathroom has a white plastic garbage can.

Cleanliness: This bathroom isn't the cleanest. It feels a little dingy. At the time of reviewing there was toilet paper on the ground. The walls and floor feel somewhat dirty.

Stock: At the time of reviewing, there was 1 large toilet paper roll. There are 2 soap dispensers. There is also a paper towel dispenser.

Size: Pure Kitchen's bathroom has one urinal and one stall. This a medium sized bathroom.